Grupo JJC certifies compliance system ISO 37001

As part of the Company's effort to strengthen its corporate governance.

JJC Group has recently obtained the ISO 37001 certification for its Ethics and Corporate Compliance System, said Alfredo Romero Umlauff, Executive Director of the company. “We are the third Peruvian company to obtain the certification of this international standard, which is more demanding than the local legislation,” the executive said.

Another measure taken by the company in the interest of transparency and good corporate governance has been to reconfigure its board of directors. “Now, the directors are not part of the general meeting of shareholders,” added Romero Umlauff.

“The last three years have been difficult for the entire construction sector. What we did, in response to market demand, was to resize the company to adjust it to future sales expectations. This year we plan to reach PEN 650 million, 20% more than in 2017,” said Mr. Romero Umlauff.

The company has strengthened its commercial focus in the private sector, which historically represents 80% of its revenues. In the first quarter of this year, it obtained awards for PEN 200 million, 85% more than in the same period last year.

“That does not mean that we have stopped paying attention to the public sector,” he explained. “We are not prevented from participating in public sector tenders and, although the regulatory provisions of Law 30737 have just been published, we have already made significant progress in implementing their demands,” said Mr. Romero Umlauff.

“The recovery of revenues and positive future prospects are a product of the equanimity with which we faced our situation in 2017. We are transparent with our clients, suppliers and banks, explaining what has happened and what we are doing to reverse it. The market is responding positively,” he concluded.