More Than a thousand beneficiaries of volunteering activitties by the Grupo JJC

The company gives priority to strengthening its bond with the places where it operates, setting in motion a sense of solidarity of its volunteers.

With the participation of 146 volunteers, throughout 2017 the company helped more than 1000 people in the provinces of Arequipa, Piura and Lima. In this way, the company created opportunities for mutual awareness and learning with groups considered vulnerable due to their socioeconomic condition, physical or mental disabilities or abandonment. On this occasion, in addition to delivering resources, the company promoted the participation of volunteers by donating their specialized professional expertise, adding an extra value by contributing to the growth of the workers and therefore of the organization.

Among the activities carried out, a few stand out: the improvement of the Occolloni cabin, in Arequipa, a place of transit that houses community members who need to remain away from their homes while their herds are grazing; the donation of materials and machinery to clean up the shanty town called "Luis Alva Castro", in Piura, after the heavy rains; the donation of blankets and educational materials in Arequipa; the recycling of bottle caps and paper to help poor children in Piura; the day spent with children and adolescents with special needs of the Sacred Heart of Jesus School in Lima; among others.

Through corporate volunteering "Manos a la obra" (which roughly translates into English as "Hands On"), the company mobilizes talent and resources to contribute to the development and welfare of society. This program aims to strengthen the bond between the company and the communities, developing charitable, educational and cultural activities targeting the most vulnerable groups.