JJC implements world class anti-corruption system

JJC will seek to obtain the ISO 37001 certification, the international standard for the implementation of anti-bribery management systems.

JJC establishes an Ethics Hotline for the reception of complaints.

Felipe Garmendia, Corporate Manager of Administration and Finance and Corporate Head of Prevention, says: "the recent events experienced by the construction sector in Peru have left us with a lesson and with a certainty. The lesson: strict compliance with the law may not be sufficient to timely detect any wrongful practice by third parties that interact with the company. The certainty: in order for us to prevent something like this from happening, it is necessary to go beyond the requirements of the law".

In that order of ideas, JJC Group has worked at a structural level, reinforcing its anti-corruption and risk assessment system. "This work has involved the review of all our processes, including evaluation of partners, procurement, hiring of personnel and selection of suppliers, among many others," states Mr. Garmendia.

The result is a reinforced system that is not limited to the preventive practices established in Law 30424 and Legislative Decree 1352 (the latter will enter into force on January 1, 2018), but that voluntarily raises its standards, taking the requirements of ISO 37001, international standard for the implementation of anti-bribery management systems, as its guidelines. This standard specifies measures to avoid direct or indirect bribery practices, whether by workers, associates or business partners.

Values in action

One of the fundamental components of the new system is the Ethics Hotline of JJC Group. Named "Values in Action", this Ethics Hotline is a confidential platform where clients, customers, users, workers or suppliers can report cases related to unethical behavior, such as violations of legislation, regulations or internal policies.

The channels to formulate reports are email, dedicated web page, telephone lines, voice mail, physical mailbox and personal interviews. All channels are operated by EY and the reports can be anonymous.

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