Continued sustained growth in JJC

July sales report an increase of 66% compared to the previous period, which registered more than a billion soles.

With a portfolio of projects for various sectors, the Peruvian company JJC continues its sustained growth, in keeping with the guidelines of its strategic plan and with the demand for engineering and construction services, concessions and real estate development.

"Our sales to July totaled US$ 257 million as a result of our 26 ongoing projects, of which 84% are in the private sector, including mining, energy, ports, retail and cement", said Johnny Villanueva Chavarri, JJC's corporate project manager.

Demand in various sectors, as part of growth and modernization plans, has helped JJC to implement larger projects. "We are currently taking part in some projects, each exceeding 250 million dollars or under new contract modalities; 25% of our ongoing projects are EPC", said Villanueva Chavarri.

The company is about to turn 60 and is in the process of designing its strategic plan for 2016-2021. "Our 60 years will be a milestone from where to look back over the path we have traveled, marked by an annual growth of 20% since 2007. The aim is to establish the new challenges that will be reflected in our strategic plan" concluded the corporate project manager.

New Contracts

In this period, JJC has been awarded contracts by Antamina, Nuevo Mundo and Petroperu, which together exceed 156 million dollars.

Projects Completed

In the coming weeks, and after five years of implementation, JJC will deliver to its client Enersur, the hydroelectric power plant Quitaracsa I. Similarly, JJC has completed the expansion of the hotel Swissotel in San Isidro.

Future Projects

In the real estate industry, JJC is evaluating the acquisition of land in Pueblo Libre, San Isidro and Miraflores for a total of 400 apartment units, which would be added to its current portfolio of 1200 housing units in the cities of Lima and Arequipa.