JJC ranked #2 best construction company to Peru

For the fourth consecutive year, Merco has measured the capacity of companies in the country that attract and retain talent. JJC ranks second among construction companies, as well as 34th in the overall ranking.

MERCO -- "Monitor Empresarial de Reputación Corporativa" -- , a corporate reputation monitor, published the study featuring the 100 best leading companies that attract and retain talent. JJC stands out as it ranks 34th overall, and second in the Infrastructure, Services and Construction sector.

The rankings, published in the newspaper Gestión, are the result of more than 15,000 surveys carried out on workers, specialists in human resources, students at universities and business schools, as well as the general public.

The relevance of developing this ranking responds to the importance, in an increasingly competitive and changing world, of the value of human talent within an organization. Retaining human talent is a challenging task that requires a series of values ​​and actions at all levels of the company.

"Being featured in the ranking for the second year reflects our firm decision, and commitment to our team, to empower and develop their capabilities. It is essential for us to learn and understand what drives and motivates our employees, and moreover, what they expect from JJC" said Mauricio Garma, manager of Human Resources.