JJC looking into construction infrastructure projects in Mexico

Company also seeks to return to Chile and Colombia. In Peru, JJC evaluates concessions such as the Anillo Vial Periférico (Peripheral Ring Road), which will connect the Carretera Central Highway with the port of Callao.

The construction company JJC Contratistas Generales plans in the coming weeks to finish its strategic plan for the period 2016-2021, where they aim to focus on concessions and private sector initiatives as well as repowering their international operations.

The general manager of the company, Fernando Camet, also stated that they seek to return to markets such as Chile and Colombia, countries where the company has been involved in energy and infrastructure projects.

"In the case of the Colombian market we have had previous projects in the sectors of infrastructure and energy. We already have partnerships, but we have not bolstered them", he said.

He added that in the case of Chile, the interest in this market arises because it is a country with economic and political stability, as well as a culture that is similar to the Peruvian.

However, the greatest interest of JJC in the region is in Mexico, a market that is starting to open their infrastructure and energy projects to private companies. "We are in preliminary talks, and looking into market identification. We started showing interest two months ago, "he said.


In 2014, the company recorded a turnover of more than S/. 1,000 million, and this year it is expected that these results will rise by 25%, hoping to reach S/. 1,250 million.

Among the concessions that the construction company is evaluating is the project to build the Anillo Vial Periférico (Peripheral Ring Road), road infrastructure connecting the Carretera Central Highway to the port of Callao.

The project, estimated at US$ 2.000 million, is expected to be developed in several stages over a period of four years.

For now, the initiative is waiting to have its type reclassified from urban route to national route. This change will allow the Ministry of Economy to allocate funding and to call for construction companies to submit a statement of interest. "The road reclassification could occur in this last quarter," he added.

Land for housing projects

With respect to real estate, Fernando Camet said the company has a portfolio of 1,200 apartments in different stages of construction, spread across districts such as Carabayllo, Miraflores, Pueblo Libre and Arequipa. He said that the land usually represents 20% of the project investment.

In terms of land, JJC has a portfolio of 80 hectares for the development of future housing projects. Also, for the first quarter of 2016, the company expects to acquire new land for housing in San Isidro and Miraflores. Camet said the land for housing can be valued at US$ 4,000 per square meter (m2) in San Isidro, while in the sea front property may reach US$ 8,000 per square meter. "Property around ​​parks in San Isidro can cost US$ 8,000 per square meter, and along Pezet Avenue can reach US$ 10,000", he said.


More projects. Among the projects that JJC is doing for the mining and energy sectors, are the expansions of the mines Antamina, Cerro Verde (tailings dam and others), expansion of the refinery in Talara (Piura), construction of the hydroelectric power plant Quitaracsa (Ancash), among others.

Meanwhile, the real estate branch is presenting a housing project of 400 units in the district of Cerro Colorado (Parques Casa Club). This would have funds of Colombian origin.