JJC volunteer program benefits about 7 thousand people nationwide

The company ins in the process of identifying the main needs in the most vulnerable areas where it operates.

Through its volunteering program called Manos a la Obra ("Hands On") JJC organizes various activities related to social responsibility and outreach in different areas of the country where it operates.

All volunteers, with the active participation of JJC, have been getting organized to create working groups, to identify the needs of the target audiences and to propose creative actions to bring aid to the communities living in the vicinity of the work sites where the company operates.

The places where these actions were developed are: Callao, Villa El Salvador, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Piura, Ancash, Chincha, Tarma and Cajamarca. These are some of the main actions: donation of clothes, food and school supplies; medical campaigns; implementation of schools and shelters; training workshops, and other activities addressing the specific needs of the area. Only in the last year, the number of beneficiaries has amounted to 6,888 people.

JJC's volunteer program aims to strengthen the link between the company and the community, to cultivate a sense of humanity in its employees and to identify and develop educational and cultural activities for the benefit of the most vulnerable groups, helping to bring progress and prosperity to places where the company operates, as stated in its corporate mission.