JJC volunteer program “Manos a la Obra” ("hands on") in Chincha

Bringing progress and prosperity to the places where we operate

With enthusiasm and joy, our volunteers of the program Manos a la Obra ("Hands On") traveled to Sunampe, in Chincha, in order to fulfill the dream of a family injured by the earthquake of 2007.

The relocation and construction of the house was made possible thanks to our Solidarity Fundraiser, which raised funds from all employees working in the JJC group, and also to the support of the foundation Patronato Markham, which promotes the reconstruction of the town of Sunampe. 

This time the beneficiary was Mrs. Elizabeth Saravia Narvay, single mother with four children, who enthusiastically thanked everyone who contributed to make this activity possible. 

Again the volunteer program Manos a la Obra builds hope for a family. A sample of our contribution to the places where we operate, where we bring progress and welfare.