Press release

The following is JJC's position regarding the announcement made by the Ad Hoc Prosecutor's Office of the Lava Jato case, in which they discuss including, as part of the Prosecutor's preparatory investigation, the legal representatives of the Peruvian companies taking part in the consortium that was awarded sections 2 and 3 of the Southern Interoceanic Highway:

  • JJC expresses its absolute rejection of any practice conducive to obtaining undue advantages.
  • JJC and its executives had no knowledge whatsoever about the practices that Odebrecht is being charged with. JJC has a minority stake of 7% in the consortium and has never taken part in its management.
  • Our Company and its executives offer their full collaboration so that justice can be served, and the situation be promptly clarified.
JJC is convinced that compliance with the rule of law and an ethical behavior are essential conditions for conducting a business activity that strives to contribute with the country and to transcend.