Sustained and Responsible Growth

Editorial of the magazine JJC Comunica No. 30, by Johnny Villanueva Chavarri, corporate project manager.

We are close to celebrating sixty years of hard work for the development of the country, overcoming the challenges posed by steering a company through different economic and social situations.

The projects we have implemented, of increasing size and complexity, provide us with a solid track record and recognition as a leader in the sector. Our experience in mining, energy, construction, industry, infrastructure, real estate and oil & gas projects are the foundation of our ability to remain competitive and represent new challenges for the teams involved.

Nowadays we are an organization with annual sales of more than a billion Peruvian soles, more than 7,600 workers, with 25 ongoing projects, 81% of which are for the private sector. These indicators motivate us to continue implementing our projects while ensuring quality, scope and deadlines, and providing engineering solutions to match the needs of our clients.

The country has grown significantly, which has demanded the urgent implementation of large projects that address the needs of different sectors, mainly to close gaps in infrastructure. The company is no stranger to this growth and is currently involved in projects, each for more than 250 million dollars or are under new contract modalities; 25% of our ongoing projects are EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction).

This new scenario demands boosting innovation and continuous improvement to strengthen the company, and proposing strategies that will align with these new projects, during all stages of the project.

It is necessary to closely follow up the changes in the business environment, and project ourselves into the future, seeking do our part to cater to new and real needs of our key stakeholders: clients, shareholders, employees and places where we operate. To achieve this, we must at all times maintain a proactive attitude and openness to change.

Our challenge for the projects to follow will require well-planned actions from the start. We must achieve a rapid cultural integration of our new workers and integrate them with those who are already part of our ranks, with the aim of consolidating the team. It is a requirement for new projects, especially for those where we partner with other national and international companies, who have their own culture. I believe that even though these partnerships or contractual arrangements are not new for the company, the projects we take on increasingly demand a better response from us.