Since the early years of our business we have implemented in various sectors, several projects whose significance in the country's development confirms our dedication and leadership.

Talara Refinery Modernization Project

Client: Técnicas Reunidas

Civil works and electromechanical works of Area 1: Naphtha Hydrotreatment (HTN), octane rating increase (RCA), Diesel Hydrotreatment (HDT), LPG treatment (TGL) and RG2 processing units

Project for the Talara Refinery

Client: Petroperú

Carried out two contracts: 1. EPC for the refitting of operations infrastructure systems and 2. EPC for administrative buildings and auxiliary buildings. In addition, construction of laboratory and commissioning of existing equipment at the new laboratory, among others.

Modernization of North Terminal, Port of Callao

Client: APM Terminals

Stages I and II of the remodeling and modernization. Demolition of existing buildings and expansion of Piers 5 and 11, which allowed the installation of 4 Super Post Panamax gantry cranes and 8 electric RTG cranes.

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