Integral development

Driven by our willingness to play our part, we offer our employees the possibility of integral development and provide them with opportunities to advance their career within the company. We believe that careers are a shared process between company and employees, and it is necessary to reconcile the expectations, responsibilities and interests of our staff with the requirements of growth and increased competitiveness of the company.

Escuela de Gestión

Talento Constructor


Training program aimed to our labor workers (foremen, machine operators and qualified labor), with which we seek to improve their technical capabilities and performance.

Misión Junior


We have designed and implemented this program to offer training to young professionals with a high potential. They receive theoretical and practical training for one year, allowing them to strengthen their knowledge with business experience.

We also offer the Internship Program, where university students, in their ninth semester or higher, receive theoretical and practical training by taking part in a project for three months. Once they graduate, they have the option of directly entering the Junior Mission program.

Career Path


The program contributes to improving the working environment through actions involving the organization, leaders and employees. The program also measures the work climate through surveys that provide insight into the perceptions of our employees. With this we can propose improvement action items that are then implemented by the work climate committees of each project or branch.

Occupational Health and Safety


Our Occupational Health and Safety Management System has been in place since 2005. This system is part of our Integrated Management System and applies to all the work carried out by JJC and its subcontractors.

Also, to ensure a participatory action in the prevention of occupational safety and health hazards (OSH), since 2005 we have in place OSH committees incorporating representatives of both the workers and the company, which hold monthly meetings.

At JJC we promote a Behavior Based Safety (BBS) approach, which emphasizes performance under the principle of "I think and then I act" when carrying out any task.

We also have our Internal Safety Regulations, a document which is provided to each of the workers starting on one of our projects, where we point out all the responsibilities that they must undertake to ensure their safety during our operations.