JJC has designed a social responsibility policy oriented to the communities where we operate. By means of this policy we have institutionalized our commitment to striving to have a positive impact on the communities surrounding the projects we develop and we also reaffirm our willingness to work with dedication and responsibility.

We have also developed a Social Responsibility Management Guide, applicable to the communities where we carry out our projects. This document establishes two dimensions of action: Progress and Welfare in the community, in order to improve the quality of life in the areas of influence; and Dialogue and Engagement with the community, in order to establish relationships of trust and harmony between the company and the local population.

Through our volunteer program "Manos a la Obra" ("let's get on with it") we channel and promote solidary actions and initiatives by our employees, in order to make positive contributions to the lives of more and more Peruvians.


This protection extends to our employees and the communities surrounding our operations. Our efforts are aimed at minimizing emissions and discharges into the air, water and soil, by using cutting-edge technology and implementing efficient prevention and monitoring programs. Face to any possible negative impact caused by our activities, we are prepared to immediately implement the necessary corrective measures.

In line with the commitments made through Policy stemming from our Quality, Safety, Occupational Health and Environment Management System, we have developed, implemented and gotten certified on an Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001:2015. Thanks to this system we have improved the environmental performance throughout our organization, optimizing the use of various resources.

In 2009 we became the first construction company in the world to obtain the 5-star rating in Caterpillar's Contamination Control Program. This recognition proves our ability to carry out maintenance and repairs of equipment at our Equipment Workshop Unit (UDE) where we apply the highest international quality standards, minimizing the environmental impact of our projects for the benefit of the community and its workers.


This is in order to guarantee an adequate and sustainable supply of materials and services, in line with the needs and requirements of our clients. For this reason and to ensure that the personnel working for our suppliers provides us with services that meet our standards, we have developed a supplier approval process document establishing criteria for an efficient operation.

The criteria evaluated are:

  • Fire and theft insurance (losses).
  • Life insurance and SCTR policy (complementary insurance for high-risk work).
  • Safety (degree of organization, internal regulations and safety management manual)
  • Statistical records of accidents.
  • Waste disposal, emissions, and effluents.
  • Environmental certifications.
  • Agreement to comply with our safety and environmental policies.

According to JJC Group's Ethics and Compliance System, the company's employees are prevented from receiving or delivering gifts from or to clients or suppliers. The mechanism put in place by JJC to facilitate reporting of non-compliance with this or any other matter of an ethical and/or legal nature is JJC's Ethics Hotline, called "Values in Action".

Ethics Hotline