Talara Refinery Modernization Project

Client: Técnicas Reunidas

Civil works and electromechanical works of Area 1: Naphtha Hydrotreatment (HTN), octane rating increase (RCA), Diesel Hydrotreatment (HDT), LPG treatment (TGL) and RG2 processing units

Project for the Talara Refinery

Client: Petroperú

Carried out two contracts: 1. EPC for the refitting of operations infrastructure systems and 2. EPC for administrative buildings and auxiliary buildings. In addition, construction of laboratory and commissioning of existing equipment at the new laboratory, among others.

Modernization of North Terminal, Port of Callao

Client: APM Terminals

Stages I and II of the remodeling and modernization. Demolition of existing buildings and expansion of Piers 5 and 11, which allowed the installation of 4 Super Post Panamax gantry cranes and 8 electric RTG cranes.

Real Plaza Salaverry Mall

Client: Inretail Perú Corp

Construction of 9 levels (4 basements and 5 shop levels) for a total of 220,000 m2 in 14.5 months, becoming the largest building constructed in a single phase in the history of Peru. 

Quitaracsa Hydroelectric Power Plant (112 MW)

Client: Enersur

Scope included: In Shapiringo, Quitaracsa water intake structure, main sand trap, San Mateo water intake structure and sand trap and regulating reservoir. Huallanca front: Water conveyance tunnel and powerhouse.

Concrete Works and Electromechanical Assembly of the dry zone

Client: Chinalco

Primary crusher, conveyor belts that feed the SAG mill, secondary crusher facilities and ball feeder for the mill in dry zone. Structure, equipment and piping works were carried out. JJC mobilized its largest equipment, capable of moving tons of heavy equipment.

Expansion of Foundation Works and Cartagena Refinery Building

Client: Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones

Execution of contracts: concrete foundations for the structures that make up the refinery, and Central Control Building (control of new process units and generation and distribution of energy). 

Nueva ciudad de Morococha

Client: Chinalco

Ejecutamos 658 viviendas, la línea de captación de toda la ciudad en las diferentes fases; reservorio y captación; y todas las edificaciones, equipamiento urbano así como obras de paisajismo. 

Laja Hydroelectric Power Plant 34,4 MW

Client: AMH Energía S.A. y GDF Suez

Project involved the construction of a hydroelectric power plant that uses the force of the river flow to generate 34.4 MW of clean, renewable energy without the need to create a reservoir.

Production capacity expansion of Cementos Lima Plant

Client: Unión Andina de Cementos

Scope included civil works of the new raw meal press heat exchanger, clinker press, baghouse filter, and clinker multi-silo No. 13 and 14. 141.20 m tall. Making it the tallest industrial building in Peru.

El Platanal Hydroelectric Power Plant 220 MW

Client: Celepsa

Executed two contracts: 1.Underground work that included pressure headrace tunnel, air vents and powerhouse cavern. 2. Surface works and hydromechanical assembly, which included 36-m tall concrete dam, gate area and spillway area.

EPC for Natural Gas Fractionation Plant

Client: Pluspetrol Peru Corporation

Contract to develop detailed engineering and materials and equipment supply. Manufacturing of pressure vessels and structures, transport logistics, civil works and electromechanical assembly.

Northern Peruvian portion of the Pan-American Highway

Client: Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones

Section with a total distance of 182 km. Considering the dual carriageway, to date there are 285 km of road, which will become 342 km when the second stage is completed (it is currently underway).

Southern Interoceanic Highway II and III

Client: Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones

The project included: construction, and at present, rehabilitation, improvement, maintenance and operation by concession of 656 km of road linking the cities of Urcos in Cusco and Iñapari in Madre de Dios, bordering Brazil.

Camisea Gas Plant

Client: Pluspetrol Peru Corporation

Contracts included: flowlines from the wells San Martin 1 and San Martin 3, as well as the engineering, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning of the electromechanical works of the Camisea gas plant.

Chavimochic Irrigation Project

Client: Consorcio Chimú

Scope included the civil works of the Madre Viru - Moche Canal. Chavimochic, with a total length of 66.04 Km

Ministry of War (Now Ministry of Defense)

Client: Ministerio de Guerra

Construction of central tower: basement, heliport, tunnel system, internal roads. It was a challenging project due to its size. Nowadays the building is representative of an architectural style associated with large-scale construction.

Petroperu building

Client: Petroperú

Located in the district of San Isidro, we built a 22-story, three-basement building to house Petroperú's administrative offices and a helipad. It was one of the tallest buildings in Lima at the time.